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21 September 2010
The Hague – A public appearance by Dutch Queen Beatrix was once again disrupted on Tuesday when a man threw a small candle holder at her carriage as she drove to parliament in The Hague to give her yearly budget day speech. The man, whose motives are as yet unknown, had been part of a crowd watching the carriage drive past. Police said he had been arrested. Security measures to protect the royal family have been increased since an attempted attack in Apeldoorn in early 2009 left seven spectators and the attacker dead. In May 2010, a disorientated man caused panic at a service to commemorate the Netherlands’ war dead attended by the queen when he cried »

Every third Tuesday of September, the Budget Day, the festive opening of the new year of the States-General (the Senate and House).

This year Her Majesty the Queen riding on Budget Day in the Golden Coach to Parliament Buildings in The Hague and speak at the joint session of the States-General in the Knights of the throne speech. In the throne speech are the main plans of the government for the coming year. The meeting is attended by ministers and state secretaries, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and High Councils of State (Council of State, Audit, National Ombudsman, Queen, High Council of Nobility and Chancellery of Dutch Orders) and other representatives from various sectors of society.

The Queen departs at 13:00 from Noordeinde Palace to the Knights’ Hall accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands and Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and prof.mr . Pieter van Vollenhoven.

The route that the Golden Carriage driving, walking through Noordeinde Heulstraat, Kneuterdijk, Lange Voorhout, Toernooiveld and Korte Vijverberg to the courtyard where the coach stops for the Knights. Around 14.00 hours starting again with the Queen’s Golden Coach along the same route back to Noordeinde Palace, where they on the balcony of the Noordeinde Palace will appear.

Since the departure of the Queen of the Noordeinde Palace to the time of her return are issued from the Malieveld minute shot by Army Command (propelled artillery)

23 September 2010;
Revenge was motive behind Budget Day incident
There is more news on the man who threw a candle holder at Queen Beatrix’s Golden Coach on Budget Day in The Hague.

AD reports that since June, Erwin L (surname withheld under Dutch law) had written around 40 letters to the police, the royal household and the courts. He blamed the death of his grandfather and consequently the suicide of his mother on the queen’s father Prince Bernhard. The reason for all this was the alleged forced repossession of the family farm during the Second World War, although the paper does not explain what this has to do with the royal family.

As well as writing letters, Erwin L left long epistles on websites and twittered. Last April, he even claimed responsibility for the Queen’s Day attack on the royal family in 2009 (when Karst Tates drove through a crowd of spectators watching the royal family, killing seven people). Erwin L had contact with a republican organisation, Pro Republica, sending it copies of all his letters, although they were not aware that he planned to disrupt the Budget Day procession.

Otherwise the man fits a description with which we are all too familiar. He is a bit of a loner, slightly strange, and has had psychiatric problems. A spokesperson from Pro Republica says, “When I heard about the incident, I knew straight away: This has to be Erwin.”

3 Februari 2013:
THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Feb. 3 (UPI) — A Dutch man who threw a glass candle holder at a vehicle carrying Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has been sentenced to five months in jail.
Erwin L. was found guilty of insulting the monarch for throwing the candle holder at the queen’s coach at the traditional budget day ceremony in Parliament in September 2010, Dutchnews.nl reported.

“By his action, Erwin L is guilty of insulting the queen, the crown prince and his wife, and in addition, damaging the golden coach,” an appeals court ruled.

L, who is 31, was found not guilty of attempting to attack the driver of the vehicle or bystanders, Nos TV said.

During his original trial in 2011, L. was sentenced to a year in a psychiatric prison, but that was later overturned

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2013/02/03/Man-gets-jail-for-insulting-queen/UPI-24261359908599/#ixzz2nz7mvu6Y

History of the big bad banksters, primarely the Rothschild family and Rockefeller family…

Dutch whistleblowers on the banksters, royal family and the organisation Bilderberg Meetings, like newsreporter Micha Kat (arrested in this video at the Court The Hague on 18-1-2013) and Erwin Lensink (in orange) don`t have rights and freedom in the Netherlands and are harassed by false complaints by the Dutch police and justice and arrested:


Arrest of Dutch journalist and whistleblower after my courtsession in the court of The Hague:


Auteur: L.M. Essentials of Journalism

Appeal rejected: “Candle Holder Thrower” will not participate in Dutch Senate elections

May 8, 2015 | The Hague

The Council of State has rejected Erwin Lensink’s appeal to the decision about his candidacy in the Senate elections. The 30th of April the Electoral Committee had decided to declare his candidate list for these elections invalid. He did not comply to the rules of appliance according to the Council of State’s verdict. The complication entailed that he had not arranged sufficient statements of approval of the States-Provincial of the constituencies he ran for.

Erwin Lensink is known for throwing a candleholder to the Dutch Queen’s golden carriage on Budget Day 2010. This action was mainly driven by his “unjust and disgraceful personal encounters with justice and the government,” he explained. Lensink strives for more republican principles in The Netherlands, including an elected head of state. Moreover, he wants the banks to be owned by the people instead of an oligarchy and tries to fight bribery and sabotage by governments and institutions. The 4th of May he organized a protest on the Dam in Amsterdam because of a politician’s potential involvement in a murder in 1994, but this was prevented by an imposed region ban.

Lensink was planning to run for the States-Provincial elections in three constituencies earlier this year under the name “The Orange Republican Pirates.” His participation here was refused because of several procedural and practical reasons, the Electoral

Committee stated. However, Lensink claimed his candidacy had been sabotaged and decided to run for the Senate as a means of protest.

His appeal to the decision about these elections was discussed in court on the 6th of May. After trial we encountered him in café Leopold on the Plein. He had brought his protest letters, flags and signs with him.

It became clear that he sees a wider issue than just the “electoral sabotages” when he showed a letter he had written to the government. Here he objected to their decision and demanded answers on critical questions he had posed to the government’s political parties. In these questions he had included subjects as several murder cases and their investigations, the actions of banker elite families, hereditary succession of the head of state and his personal encounters with Dutch justice.

On the 7th of May he gave his response on the verdict given by the Council of State. “I didn’t go to court today, mainly because I sort of expected this outcome.” However, there were some things that surprised him. “I find it peculiar that there was no press present in court today, as they were there at my former trials. The press has certainly been bribed by the government: it knows no freedom.” Moreover, he was not content about the formulation of the verdict itself: “All the arguments I have put forward in my letter and in court have not been included.”

Lensink does not see the verdict as a reason to quit his activism. In fact, some recent news motivates him even more: “I heard today that the case about the candleholder is being examined by the European Court at the moment, which means that the supreme courts are now confronted with my views. To me, it feels like winning the World Cup.”

Erwin Lensink & Republican Resistance in the Netherlands
Saturday, 04 February 2012 20:14
The origins of the orange tradition in Ireland go back to the Orange Royals of the
Netherlands. The country is one of many European Monarchies. It is one of the most
racist, xenophobia and repressive countries in Europe. Little is known outside the
Netherlands about the Dutch Republican Resistance against the oppressive monarchy. S
upporters of Republican Sinn Féin in the Netherlands
explain the case of Dutch republican prisoner Erwin Lensink.
The Netherlands are known for their cheese, wind-mills, orange soccer supporters,
coffee-shops, Dykes, freedom and equality. That is not for today anymore. Our country is now
something out of Orwell`s 1984. Fear, rage and hate are the main themes now. The cause of
this all can be found years ago on so-called Queens Day 2009. A man called Karst Tates drove
his car through the security rings and killed 7 bystanders, before crashing his car against a
Royal statue.


Before he died on the spot his last words were: ‘Yes I did it in full conscious.
Willem Alexander is a fascist, he is a racist, I knew the queen was coming.‘ With an extreme
right-wing neo-liberal government and politicians such as Geert Wilders of the xenophobia,
right-wing Dutch Freedom Party, the political climate in the Netherlands could not be worse.
On September 21, 2010, the so-called Prince’ Day, the Royal carriage was attacked. It was
broadcast live on Dutch television. The man in question was and still is Erwin Lensink, the
current Public Enemy Number One. He threw a small luminous element into the direction of the
1 / 4
Erwin Lensink & Republican Resistance in the Netherlands
Saturday, 04 February 2012 20:14
armoured carriage of the Royals. Nobody was hurt. Erwin was arrested. He said it was a
planned act of resistance and not an act of madness.
His martyrdom started when his mother died under suspicious circumstances in Germany on
May 28, 2008. Her car was burnt out. Erwin was the main suspect! This is now used by the
Dutch courts to make him a fool, a mental with no human rights. After his mother’s death Erwin
became political active on the internet, mainly against the Royals and in support of Dutch
republicanism. He spent a lot of time researching the dark history of the orange Royals in the
The first trial against Erwin was on March 15, 2011 in the Haque. He was accused of insult and
G.B.H. (general body harmed). The treatment in prison compared to other prisoners is
unreasonable and excessive. The trial can never be fair since in the Netherlands every judge
and solicitor has to swear an oath to stay true and loyal to Beatrix von Amsberg (Orange)
naming herself Queen of The Netherlands by the Grace of God.
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Erwin Lensink & Republican Resistance in the Netherlands
Saturday, 04 February 2012 20:14
Like you read before it’s very hard to fight the Royals, we call the Oranges. The Royals are
above the law. But that does not say you cannot fight the monarchy. More than 200 years of
Irish Republican Resistance is the proof of continued struggle and the example for Republicans
in the Netherlands. Erwin accused the Royals of those crimes, theft (Wetboek van Strafrecht
article 310), high treason (Wetboek van Strafrecht article 92-107a) and fraud (Wetboek van
Strafrecht article 326). Done by those actors: Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard Von Amsberg-Zur
Lippe Biesterfeld (31-01-1938, Baarn). Willem Alexander Clause George Ferdinand Von
Amsberg (27-04-1967, Utrecht). Maxima Von Amsberg-Zorreguita (27-05-1971, Buenos Aires).
The latter is the daughter of the former Minister of Agriculture, Jorge Zorreguita, under the
Videla Junta. Erwin explained, the claim of the crown by the Royal family is unlawful, illegal and
unjust. They got all this by rude violation on citizens and human rights. In World War II there
was collusion between the oranges and Hitler-Fascism. That’s what concerns Erwin most. His
family fought in the Dutch resistance and in May 1940 his grand-father fought at the
Grebbeberg front, while the Royals ran away to England. The German family of Prince Bernard
Zum Lippe-Biesterfeld served in the German SS. The Royals were safe and sound in London,
while more than 2300 Dutch men and women lost their lives in the days of May 1940.
The main media outlets have an unofficial ban on the case. Erwin refuses to take medicine
because he says ‘the pills are used to keep me away from my fight against the Queen’. During
all the time he is imprisoned, he was treated like a common criminal. He was kept in the High
Security Prison, the EBI in Vught. The media call him a communist and even a
National-Socialist, but his inspiration came from Dutch socialist resistance hero during WWII
Gradus Kobus.
3 / 4
Erwin Lensink & Republican Resistance in the Netherlands
Saturday, 04 February 2012 20:14
Erwin is still imprisoned. He was arrested in 2010 and for 482 days he is in solitary confinement.
Erwin is supported by Dutch Republicans of the organisation Pro Republica (For the Republic).
His address is: Erwi
n Lensink, Reg.nr. 2022645, PI Grave, locatie Oosterhoek, Postadres Postbus 79, 5360 AB –
Grave, Netherlands.

Published on : 15 September 2011 – 2:30pm |
More about: 2011 Budget Day
Dam Square screamer
Dutch 1886 lèse majesté laws
Dutch Royal House
free speech
freedom of expression
Queen’s Day 2009
tea light thrower

Thinking about criticising of the Dutch Royal House? ‘Names will never hurt me’ used to be the motto in the Netherlands but that era is long gone. In earlier times, you’d get away with a warning but nowadays prosecutors demand long prison sentences for acts of ‘lèse majesté’. Some people say this is an attack on freedom of expression.

It’s the third Tuesday of September 2010; here in the Netherlands it Prinsjesdag, or the State opening of Parliament. Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Princess Máxima are in the Golden coach on the way to the Knights’ Hall to deliver the speech from the throne, outlining the government’s plans for the coming year.

Budget Day 2011


More RNW stories about budget day in the Netherlands


Cheering crowds lined the streets, waving and clapping, when suddenly a tiny object clattered against the side of the Golden Coach. A man in the crowd had thrown a tea light candle holder at the coach and yelled, “thieves and imposters.” Police immediately arrested the culprit, 30-year-old Erwin Lensink. He claims that Queen Beatrix and her family have no right to the Dutch throne.

It’s now a year later and Mr Lensink is still being held on remand, awaiting trial. Cees Fasseur, royal biographer and former judge, agrees that a year on remand is, “a really long time.” He adds, “there is absolutely no reason to keep someone on remand for a year in cases like this, unless of course there is some legal reason behind it.”

The court claims that Mr Lensink is still on remand because experts must determine whether he can be held accountable for his actions. The court will only issue its ruling after Mr Lensink’s mental state has been properly determined. Meanwhile, one panel of experts has declared him mentally incapable and says he suffers from delusions, while a second panel has dismissed the findings of the first.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) claims that it is already proven beyond doubt that Mr Lensink attempted to inflict grievous bodily harm on the footmen walking alongside the coach, damaged the coach itself and insulted queen, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima. Mr Lensink has also been accused of issuing verbal threats against 2 people, via the telephone. One of those whom he allegedly threatened was his brother, with whom he was involved in a dispute.

According to Mr Lensink’s lawyer, his act of throwing a tea light candle holder was an expression of his frustration with the fact that nothing had been done about the police report he filed against at the queen and her family. The PPO has demanded that Mr Lensink be admitted to a psychiatric institution for at least a year.

It certainly would have been a different story had Mr Lensink thrown a tea light candle holder at a rubbish collection vehicle; the royal family is protected by special laws, which date from 1886. Anyone convicted of lèse majesté can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison.

The public prosecutor’s office has been on high alert ever since the failed attack on the Royal family on Queen’s day in 2009 and law professor Henny Sackers confirms that the 1886 laws are being used more frequently to prosecute people for insulting or attacking the Royal family: “it is noticeable that in the last few years, there have been a number of incidents which could be termed, ‘attacks against the royal dignity’. No one had been prosecuted under those old laws for decades and then suddenly they seem to have been resurrected. The PPO is really coming down hard on lèse majesté.”

Another example of the PPO crackdown is the 2010 Dam Square screamer incident. During the official ceremony– at Amsterdam’s Dam Square–marking Remembrance Day, a man screamed during the 2 min of silence. The scream caused panic and 63 people were injured. Because Queen Beatrix was at the official ceremony, the screamer was accused of attempting to assault the Queen, a charge that carries a maximum seven-year sentence.

Hundreds of witnesses
Eventually, the Dam Square screamer was released after five weeks because prosecutors were unable to prove that the scream endangered either the queen or anybody else present. Mireille van Essen, the lawyer who defended the Dam Square screamer and is also defending the ‘tea light tosser’, says there has been a definite attempt to make it clear that the royal house is “not to be trifled with.”

She adds, “Prosecuting and punishing someone for throwing a tea light candle holder is perfectly legitimate but you cannot punish someone for asking whether or not Queen Beatrix holds legitimate title to the Dutch throne. There are people who will ask those sorts of questions and maybe that’s positive.”

Fellow lawyer, Jef Ketelaar says criticism of the Royal house is “a political belief or opinion that must be protected.” He says judges should give more weight to the right to freedom of speech and not kowtow to the demands of the PPO quite so readily.

Judges will issue a verdict in the case against Mr Lensink on Friday.

Hans Vogel

This is an interview in dutch about my cases in the court in The Hague;

This is an video in which you can see the protest action in only 2 minutes (recommendation)!!!

Dutch journalist Micha Kat on Bilderberg Conference

The dutch television RTL Boulevard on the topic of the Bilderberg Meetings edition 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey:

Farrakhan tells the truth about bankers, governments, presidents and kings;


Lord Jacob Rothschild is confronted by the organisation “We Are Change” on the Federal Reserve Bank and Stichting Bilderberg Meetings;


Analysis Queens Day 2009 by an American, who knows a lot about Bilderberg, NWO and so on:


The crisis is been predicted by Dutch economic journalist Willem Middelkoop in RTL Z:

“Scammers, thieves, Nazis, fascists, traitors!” Those were the words that Erwin Lensink exactly a year ago when he called on Budget Day 2010, a tea light holder threw the golden coach.

On 16 September last, he was by the Hague tribunal, chaired by Mrs De Loor-Alwin, (fully) declared of unsound mind. Throughout the following year Erwin forced subjected to treatment with heavy medication. After that year, Erwin will probably indeed be of unsound mind. In other words, he is now mad at the behest of the state.

What state is that which allows a citizen detention and flat spray? Is that a despicable communist dictatorship like the former Soviet Union? Nazi Germany? Are we dealing with a country, ruled by a kind of Pol Pot? No, none of that.

That country is the Netherlands, your country, our country, the country that is ruled by one of Beatrix Amsberg who are adorned with the name “Beatrix of Orange-Nassau, by the Grace of God Queen of the Netherlands.” All judges in the country, all officers, all military, all police officers, all members of the House and the Senate, in short, everyone in the Netherlands exercises power, everyone has an oath of personal loyalty to Beatrix, whose name means ” Those who are happy. ”

Does she happy? Erwin Lensink and does not think her name is now made even more unhappy than he already felt. She makes you happy? From its name you are forced to run on the help of billions and billions of euros to the banks. The same banks that refuse to provide credit to you now the times have become grim. From its name you are forced to pay for the tens of billions of euros in aid to Greece. That money flows directly back to the same banks that have already been delighted with billions in aid. Are you happy there, you benefit?

In the name of ‘her happy that’ the welfare state further degraded. In the name of “happy that her” get your elderly mother, your frail demented grandfather just one wash per week. In the name of “happy that her” go up the state taxes, the council tax, the excise increase, your disposable income decline. And to think that everything added together for about 75 percent of every dollar you earn, you must pay to the state in the form of taxes, duties and surcharges.

Look especially at the later broadcast on state television provides Budget and listen to the speech from the throne, which is read by ‘her that happy. ” Please also especially to the faces of the Members of the States-General, who will frequently come into the picture. Look also at the silly hats so ludicrously beyond that complacent, smug woman heads down. Look also at the shiny ties of the men and their gleaming visages.

Those members of the States-General have agreed to help the banks, aid to Greece and the dismantling of the welfare state. But do you not think that they themselves have to suffer. Or their relatives and friends. No, they have enough money for shiny ties and silly hats.

If I were a thing as even think about it, I must confess that I think it seems that Erwin actually be right with what he called the golden coach: “Crooks, thieves, Nazis, fascists, traitors.”

Scammers, because now you say yourself, have you ever seen a letter or a message heard of God, which he happily makes her “Queen to appoint?
Thieves, for who is there in 1940 with the entire gold reserves of the Nederlandsche Bank refuge (refuge) to England?
Nazis, because Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld and Claus von Amsberg were still a member of the NSDAP, the SA, the SS and the Hitler Youth?
Fascists, well perhaps not, because after Maxima has publicly distanced itself from the ‘bad regime “where her father was a member.
Traitors, yes that does not seem exaggerated, as “she who makes happy” is not exactly take care of ‘her people’, which they solemnly promised to do so (“so help me God”) when it was installed.

In any case, all these terms apply to 100 percent of the corrupt members of the States-General. Each of the traitors who their country, your country, our land, were sold to the criminals of the European Commission and the criminal regime in Washington. The members of the States General, our representatives are primarily allegiance to ‘her that happy. ”

The qualification ‘parliament’ can never, ever apply to them. Fraudsters are able to all, traitors. Because no tooth and nail to oppose wars of conquest against defenseless countries (Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya) are by definition all Nazis and war criminals.

Those people who “elected representatives” are partly responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians, about 100,000 Afghan citizens, and now again for the death of 50,000 Libyan citizens. Our ‘representatives’ votes blindly with the massive looting of the least well-off compatriots without locks and with eyes flashing through tens of billions of euros to the banks.

Erwin is furious at ‘her that happy. ” Is not it time for you to even be angry? Not only ‘her that happy “but also other members of the government. After all, they let it all happen ..

Schuldenplaatje westerse landen...

The debt of the country`s in the West is far to high!!! But who own`s it???

The Queen’s Bastille


By Hans Vogel

So you thought the Netherlands was a democratic country? You thought human rights were being respected in that little Kingdom by the North Sea? You got it all wrong there. Don’t you believe the Netherlands is a friendly constitutional monarchy with happy, loyal subjects tending their tulip fields and polishing their wooden shoes! Beatrix von Amsberg, the present queen, rules her realm like a medieval fiefdom, with an iron fist. Of course, there is a constitution, but in actual practice its lofty principles are not enforced.

Abroad, Beatrix von Amsberg is best known as the president of the Bilderberg group, one of the secret organizations trying to change the world by imposing a New World Order. Actually, Mrs. Von Amsberg is the only Bilderberg member who is at the same time the leader of a sovereign nation. She has been in office (‘on the throne’) since 1980.

Today, government-sponsored polls report a mere 50% approval rate, indicating that most Dutch nationals nowadays would like to see the monarchy abolished. If at the moment of her accession, Beatrix may have enjoyed a modicum of popularity, in the course of her 40-year reign she has thus lost the support of the majority of her subjects. Like all autocrats and dictators, Beatrix’s reaction to the dwindling support has been vindictive and vicious.

On September 21, 2010, as she was riding in her gold-plated state coach on her way to the opening of the parliamentary year Mr. Erwin Lensink (29) threw a small crystal candle-holder, hitting the coach. The object was too small to do any damage, since under its shining golden surface the coach is heavily armored. Mr. Lensink was immediately worked to the ground by a dozen police officers, handcuffed and thrown in jail.

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This is the way both democracies and dictatorships deal with those who vent their anger at the system. But from there on, democracies usually treat their prisoners with some human dignity. Dictatorships subject them to unusual and cruel punishment, even torture. You might therefore have expected the Dutch to give Mr. Lensink a decent treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Charged with assault and attempted assassination, Mr. Lensink has been waiting more than five months in the country’s top maximum security prison for his trial to begin. The date has now been set for March 15. Meanwhile, anytime Mr. Lensink has complained about the treatment he was receiving, he was put in isolated confinement. Under both Dutch law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is prohibited to keep defendants locked up for an unreasonably long period of time while they are awaiting trial.

The charges are outrageous and preposterous. There is no way Mr. Lensink could have posed a danger to the lives of either Beatrix or her son and daughter-in-law who were with her in the gold-plated coach. Even so, Mr. Lensink is facing a multi-year jail sentence. The trial will decidedly NOT be a fair one: both judges (appointed by the queen) and lawyers are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen. You can imagine the defendant’s chances in a legal system that is so heavily weighted against him.

Moreover, Mr. Lensink constitutes a special case. The nature of his grudges against the so-called royal family must be extremely worrisome to the queen, since he claims she is a usurper. In fact, he contends that Beatrix holds no legal claim to the throne because she does not descend from the last king of the House of Orange, William III, who died in 1890. Suffering from a serious case of syphilis, it is extremely unlikely King William could have fathered a daughter (Wilhelmina, Beatrix’s grandmother) in the same year he died. Nor is Beatrix the first daughter of her Mother, Queen Juliana. Wilhelmina allowed her own husband, German Prince Heinrich of Mecklenburg, to systematically rape their daughter. Thus at 18 years of age, Juliana gave birth to a daughter, who was discreetly whisked off to the confines of a monastery far removed from the royal palace. (There exists a wealth of evidence on this sad episode).

Actually, it is this first-born illegitimate daughter, born of an incestuous relationship, and not Beatrix that should have become queen after Juliana stepped back in 1980. Mr. Lensink has repeatedly requested queen Beatrix undergo a DNA-test. You may guess what has been the answer.

As if the charges of illegitimacy weren’t enough, Mr. Lensink also contends his grandfather was sacrificed in order to help queen Wilhelmina escape to England when the Nazis attacked the Netherlands in 1940. At the very same time the Dutch army was putting up a fierce and desperate resistance against the vastly superior German army, Beatrix’s grandmother Wilhelmina fled to England on a warship, taking with her all the gold from the National Bank. Meanwhile hundreds of valiant Dutch soldiers, having been led to believe they were fighting for queen and country, were giving their lives for a lost cause.

In conclusion, Beatrix the Bilderberger has sound reasons to regard Mr. Lensink as a very dangerous man. His actions and contentions are a threat to the survival of the monarchy. Therefore, she had him locked up in her own version of the Bastille, the Vught Maximum Security Prison.

Would you consider Mr. Lensink a political prisoner? I certainly would.

Hans Vogel

Here is a free lesson about the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve and the fractional banking reserve system…

President Lincoln & president Kennedy; Rothschild’s own you! End The FED!

On March 15 at 13:00 found in the Palace of Justice in The Hague the first substantive meeting place of the trial of Erwin Lensink, on Budget day a tea to coach threw the golden armor. Here no one was injured and there was no property damage. Well, except maybe a tiny dent, scratch or crack in the chassis. Erwin is on trial partly because of vandalism and abuse. Before he is now almost six months in prison. The treatment of Erwin is in no relation to the charges and is also contrary to the legal requirements that a defendant not to be unreasonably long process must wait. One year in prison, with periodic imprisonment in solitary confinement may simply be regarded as unreasonable and excessive. Erwin Lensink should therefore no longer be regarded as a political prisoner. Moreover, his process is never fair, because in the Netherlands have both judges and lawyers swear an oath of allegiance to Mrs. Amsberg, writing and calling themselves “by the grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands’.

Below we publish the accusation that Erwin Lensink and almost years ago, on April 14, 2010 against the family Amsberg submitted.

In case you want to support him, you can register yourself as a co-complainant. This can be done through a short letter stating: “I (your name and address) support the indictment of Erwin Lensink of April 14, 2010, filed with the police Lichtenvoorde.” Please enter the letter by registered mail to the lawyer of Erwin Lensink, Mr. Marielle van Essen, Essen Korver and lawyers, Herengracht 462, 1017 CA Amsterdam.

Indictment April 14, 2010 as submitted by Erwin Lensink the police in Lichfield:

1. King William declared himself absolute sovereign appointed (dictator)

2. Wilhelmina is or was a daughter of William III and thus not legally and efgenaam for the throne

3. Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld has committed high treason by the Dutch Army before World War II (including immediate family as my grandfather’s Grebbe)

I do report of theft (Penal Code Article 310), treason (crimes against the security of the State Penal Code Article 92-107a) and fraud (Penal Code, article 326) by the following offenders:

• Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard von Amsberg – Zur Lippe Biesterfeld (date of birth: 01/31/1938 / birthplace: Baarn)

• Willem Alexander Claus George Ferdinand von Amsberg (date of birth: 04.27.1967 / place of birth: Utrecht)

• Maxima von Amsberg – Zorreguieta (date of birth: 17.05.1971 / place of birth: Buenos Aires)

With this I want the Law Membership of the Royal House for discussion. With this I want the members of the royal family accused of the unlawful unlawfully and above all unjust (criminal) way to obtain, maintain and expand power, wealth and status through gross violation (s) of the civil and human rights.

The three main arguments, criminal, fraudulent and unlawful acts and events are important here:

1. Queen Wilhelmina (birthdate: August 31, 1880 / birthplace: The Hague) is or was not the daughter of King William III, but from Mr SMS the Ranitz and therefore not the rightful hereditary throne follow (st), according to the laws of King William I and / or the Dutch Constitution of 1848 (Thorbecke).

2. King Willem I himself illegitimate, unjust and criminally declared absolute sovereign (king = dictator) in violation of the sovereignty of the States-General of the Republic of the United Netherlands, endorsed by the (inter) national conventions; Act of Verlatinghe (Dutch Declaration of Independence) of 26 July 1581, the Edict (12 February 1577), the Union of Utrecht (23 January 1579), the justification or Deduction for 1587, the Peace of Westphalia (May 15, 1648) and the Edict of 1667.

3. The treason by Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld of the German democratic state (Night Zur Long Knives), and above the high treason of Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld and the royal members of the High Council of Nobility (Queen Juliana and Queen Wilhelmina) before and during the Second World War by the Dutch government and Dutch forces and the resistance of the LO / LKP

Also here there is clearly a continuous offense, namely an offense of a prohibited status under the Dutch Constitution of 1848, the Dutch Constitution of 1983 and the Deed of Verlatinghe (Dutch Declaration of Independence) of 26 July 1581. Article 42 of the Dutch Constitution concerning the inviolability of the King is therefore not applicable since the death of King William III and even contrary to the first ten articles of the Dutch Constitution.

In my opinion, the Law Membership of the Royal House unlawfully and criminally so imported. Which just, historical and / or rightful King William I was entitled to an absolute monarchy since the Kingdom of the Netherlands in favor of himself and his family cry?

On December 2, 1813, King Willem I himself absolute sovereign (dictator) of the Sovereign Principality of the United Netherlands was proclaimed. This is contrary to the historical laws and the Deed of Verlatinghe (Dutch Declaration of Independence) of 26 July 1581 of William of Orange-Nassau and the sovereign States-General of the Republic of the (Seven) United Netherlands, endorsed by the international treaty Peace of Munster (15 May 1648) between the States-General of the Republic of the United Netherlands and Spain, where the Dutch State (s) was declared independent and sovereign.

On November 30, 1813 King William I continued after eighteen years back foot on Dutch soil from an English frigate. In London he was invited by letter to as “sovereign” government to take on. The letter was from the triumvirate of 1813 (the Hague notables Gijsbert Charles Hogendorp, Adam Frans van der Duyn of Maasdam and Leopold Stirum of Limburg), but actually this was only the excuse for the coup, which the British secret service in commissioned by the British Foreign Minister Castlereagh was performed.

On May 23, 1802 France and Prussia concluded a treaty with the principality of Fulda and some other areas to former governor William V is assigned. In December 1801 William V wrote the letters of Oranienstein mansion, which he legally recognized as the Batavian Republic. This he renounced all his rights as hereditary stadholder and met the governor to the conditions imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte to obtain compensation. The Crown Prince Frederick William (King William I) and former governor William V accepted Napoleon’s sovereignty over the principality of Fulda in 1795 as compensation for the forfeiture applied in the Netherlands.

The French Revolution began with the opposition on 5 May 1789 of the Third Chamber of the French parliament and did not explicitly aim to renewed dictatorship of the aristocracy. King William I alone has committed high treason by cooperating with Napoleon Bonaparte and the acceptance of the principality of Fulda and areas such as compensation.

The French Revolution was taking a political revolution in the last decade of the 18th century with the French monarchy was replaced by a republic. The power and the privileges of nobility and clergy were reduced in favor of the educated bourgeoisie. As the starting point is June 1789, when after more than 175 years the States General were convened on July 14, the state prison in Paris, the Bastille was stormed. If one considers the revolution end of the coup on the ’18e Brumaire “in 1799 by Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Batavian Republic was proclaimed after the Batavian Revolution on January 19, 1795, a day after stadtholder William V fled to England. The territory was similar to that of the regions of the former Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.

The rotation of 1795 was, in fact, a repeat of the revolution of the Patriots, which in 1787 by means of a Prussian intervention army was suppressed. Many leaders of the Patriotic Batavian Republic were politicians who had emigrated to France in 1787. Now they got, with French support, the opportunity to still their ideals. Unlike the new Republic of France was no reign of terror, or terror. In the Republic democratic principles were paramount. The National Assembly, the first Dutch parliament, arrived on March 1, 1796 for the first time in session.

Unlike France, where the French Revolution and the guillotine quickly radicalized overtime turned, were the revolutionary changes in the Batavian Republic relatively peacefully implemented. The country was already two hundred years a republic, and therefore had little reluctant peers who might otherwise ‘shortened’ had to be.

A small part of the Dutch nobility goes back to medieval nobility, the so-called blood or sword nobility. An example of Noblesse d’épée (sword nobility), the count’s generations of Judges and Bentinck, also the only genus included in the Almanach de Gotha. The Almanach de Gotha is an almanac of noble families who first appeared in 1763. In 1795 under the influence of the ideas of the French Revolution in the Netherlands positions and thus abolished the nobility.

King William I found unlawful, unjust and criminally by sovereign decision (June 24, 1814 No. 10) the High Council of Nobility (Collegie of Heraldry) in. The Constitution was established that nobility would be granted by the King William I. By sovereign decision (13 February 1815, No. 60) was determined in what ways could be granted nobility and some years later only by recognition, recruitment or elevation. The term refers to recognition of indigenous nobility before 1795, conscription on original foreign nobility, while raising a whole new nobility was created.

The constitution of 1814 under the leadership of Van Hogendorp for a new Constitution had the absolute power to the King William I. This absolute sovereignty King William I had more or less forced upon and demanded of the triumvirate led by Van Hogendorp that called itself the Provisional Government, as a condition to return to the Netherlands as a sovereign. The board of finance, foreign relations, the country, the colonies and the fleet came to that chant reasonable manner all in the portfolio of the absolute sovereign. One spoke of “restoration”, but in reality, a number of valuable innovations in the French era were made undone.

Six hundred carefully selected and “named notables” in March 1814 received a call about the design of the new constitution of their vote. Earlier, the prince (dictator) itself on 14 February, 600 persons designated to be part of a Grand Assembly of Notables. This meeting was on 29 March in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam comment on the draft constitution. Of the 600 appeared elect 474. Some stayed away because of personal circumstances or illness (up to 60 persons), while three nominees were already deceased. Some had no confidence that freely on the draft could be discussed, and feared only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ can say. The design was adopted with 448 votes against 26. Some Catholics feared domination by the Reformed and being off the design. A day later, William the meeting of dignitaries inaugurated as sovereign.

In the last months of 1814 and the first of 1815 was the unification of the Netherlands with Belgium and Luxembourg in Vienna discussed at the famous Congress of the European leaders. The Vienna conference was abruptly canceled after the news that Napoleon had escaped from the island of Elba. On June 18, 1815 were the armies around Waterloo and Napoleon Bonaparte was in a hurry, because as long as the Prussians had not arrived, he had only to stand against the Western Allies. Even before the battle of Waterloo took place, had King William I (dictator) is already fixed proclaimed king over the great Netherlands: Belgium and Luxembourg itself, should act later by the European Heads of State endorsed.

The inauguration of King William I in Brussels was not a festive event. The differences between the two countries were large. That was evident during the vote on the new constitution, which became necessary after unification. Both chambers of the States-General, whose members are all appointed by King William I, approved the draft unanimously.

Otherwise it was in Belgium, where the ground for lack of a bill submitted to parliament 1604 notables. Of these 1323 persons brought indeed a vote: 527 were in favor and 796 voted against. A clear majority rejected the draft constitution it off.

King William I (dictator) devised a cunning false solution to the stalemate, which now had arisen. King William I studied and discovered that 126 votes from voters as the main objection to the provisions of the religion had called. This 126 against voters were suddenly deemed to have voted for these provisions and those who had no voice cast, were suddenly even when the voters counted. In this manner, a large majority that the Constitution – design rejected by the dictator suddenly created a majority for the Constitution – design.

Conducted from 1813 Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz (falsely Orange-Nassau) the title of absolute sovereign of the Dutch State. This Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz (24 August 1772-12 December 1843) is descended through his ancestors eventually Ernst Casimir (December 22, 1573 – June 2, 1632), Count of Nassau-Dietz. The father of Ernst Casimir, count of Nassau-Dietz, Jan VI of Nassau-Dillenburg (November 22, 1535 – October 8, 1606).

This Jan VI of Nassau-Dillenburg left the Netherlands in 1580 please note because he could not find in the pro-French politics of his brother William of Orange-Nassau. Stadtholder William of Orange-Nassau and Jan VI of Nassau-Dillenburg had deep religious and political differences. This stems King William I, King William II and King William III certainly not from rebel leader William of Orange-Nassau. The eleventh child of Jan VI of Nassau-Dillenburg, the brother of William of Orange-Nassau was Ernst Casimir, count of Nassau-Dietz.

King William I can therefore be regarded as an enlightened despot. Despotism is a form of government, with one person or a small group has absolute power, which can be arbitrarily applied. It would thus have an autocracy, oligarchy, tyranny or dictatorship. There is no opportunity for discussion, there is no parliament and no political parties. Criticism and opposition is punished. A related term is the enlightened despotism. The origin of this government is in the Enlightenment, a political-philosophical form in the 18th Century.

When despotism claimed absolute monarchs socio-political reforms in their realms, so there was a totalitarian dictatorship. This totalitarian dictatorship has an undemocratic character, with no or insufficient separation of powers: the legislature, the judiciary and the executive.

In most dictatorships, there is systematic oppression of opponents of the dictator and other dissenters, for example by capturing or even murder. An independent judiciary which they may rely is perhaps the theory is still present, but in practice it is powered down and subordinated to the will of the dictator. Often dictatorships created by a (military) coup or civil war.

Queen Wilhelmina comes not from King William III and therefore, of King William I, as in the Dutch constitution for succession to the throne stated. Queen Wilhelmina is a daughter of Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont and the SMS Ranitz. The marriage between King William III and Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont is closed under false pretenses in order to build upon the false reward of establishing a dictatorship by King William I and his associates.

I suggest that the Royal Family unlawful or wrongful her role in Dutch society. Also I suggest that they illegally received money from the Dutch treasury. The facts I am aware that the present royal family are not the rightful heirs. In my opinion this is through a DNA – research to prove conclusively and convincingly prove. I think this is theft, treason and fraud and therefore do return.

It is for me the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s, the treason of the Dutch and Interior Forces and thus again include myself and my family before World War II the Dutch nation by Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld. Both families had many family members (at least approximately twenty of the families Zur Lippe-Biesterfeld / of Waldeck-Pyrmont) active and very involved with the fanatical Nazi regime and occupy high positions in the SS and other similar organizations to the end of the Second World.

With this I want to press charges and accusations Prince Bernhard of active treason of the Dutch Forces and treason (Penal Code Article 92-107a).

In this indictment, I would like the Law Membership of the Royal House for discussion. With this I want the members of the royal family accused of unlawfully and above all unjust (criminal) ways of obtaining and maintaining and increasing power, wealth and status.

William of Orange and the States General in various ways, including the justification of Defence, proclaimed the sovereignty of a democratic state, the States, the Republic of the (Seven) United Provinces (United Provinces).

It was King William I in no way family or descendant of William of Orange and consequently did not in any legitimate, historical or equitable claim as ruler of the Netherlands and in fact a dictatorship.

In this way the Trias Politica, namely the executive, legislative and monitoring power at this time forced to counter my charge in my research on serious and fair manner and to criminal investigations. The outcome, in my opinion no different than that all members of the royal family abduction doing their unfair right to power through the unjust illegal undemocratic Law Membership of the Royal House on their power and status and some of their unequal wealth and that the ceremonial job function may be a democratic way in the future with a certain maximum period is completed.

Meanwhile, other things that I found, namely:

• That my grandparents actively involved in the resistance of the LO and the defense of the Netherlands to the Dutch Armed Forces during World War II.

• That the bankruptcy (or forced sale) of the farm `t Hinkamp /` t Outbound Camp of my grandfather and my parents is unfair and largely the likely direct or indirect main cause (chance of at least 10) of the death of my mother suicide.

The late Prince Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, my grandfather Gerrit Willem (Gerhard) L. Marcelis Adolf (Max) de Vries and other Dutch Forces cowardly betrayed. During the struggle for Grebbeberg were 424 men killed, including Adolf Marcelis de Vries on 13 May 1940. In total some 2,300 Dutch soldiers killed during the German invasion in May 1940. Furthermore, Prince Bernhard of Lippe Biesterfeld Zur Zur Hereditary Prince Waldeck and Pyrmont democratic German law with active involvement betrayed the Night of Long Knives.

The nobility and bankers have therefore had a major role in bringing to power of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi party in Germany and Mussolini in Italy and the overthrow of democratic European states. The institution of the High Council of Nobility by King William I and the self-proclaimed absolute sovereign is contrary to the Deed of Verlatinghe (Dutch sovereignty declaration and declaration of independence), the Perpetual Edict, the Peace of Westphalia, the justification or Deduction and the Union of Utrecht.

In no way does the current Dutch ‘royal family’ right to their current status, power and wealth. This I blame the members of the Royal House lawful, just, moral and historical perspective of high treason, treason, political corruption, theft and a criminal organization, on behalf of the Dutch society and Dutch democratic constitutional state.

We Are Change Rotterdam.org on the annual Bilderberg Meetings in the world:

University Groningen about debt:

As I expected, in 2008 already, stagflation on the rise and economic global collapse is likely to be predicted:


The fractional banking reserve collapse in near future worldwide in favour of the Bilderberg elite (?):

Special Edition of the Dutch Law Gazette 1813

We, Willem the Last, whereas we, our end sensing approach, as far as possible to make good all impurities, slackness and fiddles that affect, by us or our name adept, patience or perpetuated zoo as possible in order to save our sinful its demise afterlife, Have kept and means to do away with the crown for us and our descendants,


•11/30/1813 Landing William I by British frigates in Scheveningen Holland (foreign coup)
•07/12/1813 nominations for members of the Cabinet Council by William I
•01.01.1814 first edition of the Gazette (press / media power William I)
•03/25/1814 establishment of Dutch National Bank as personal private property of William I
•29/03/1814 Submission of a new Constitution specifically selected approximately 600 dignitaries favor William I
•05/04/1814 banknotes issued as personal possession of William I by Dutch National Bank
•april-1814 throne through Succession, invented by William I personally, legally regulated
•20/04/1815 Riot Act introduced, which regulates press censorship and free press / media to be restricted
•April 1815 Military Order of William set

On 25 March 1814, a patent issued to Dutch National Bank and in 1819 the Dutch Exchange Bank declared bankrupt. The Dutch Exchange Bank during the Eighty Years’ War was founded in 1606 and subsequently by the city of Amsterdam Bank of Loan (Pawn Bank) in 1614, so ordinary Dutch citizens were protected against usury by some bankers then and loans at favorable interest rates were close . In 1821 one John Goldberg involved in the ‘rural credit systematic’ and in 1822 the infamous Amortization syndicate set as the personal property of William I, in which the wealth of the ‘Royal Family’ due and up to 1840 200 million guilders (value somewhere between ??? 2 billion and ??? 200 billion) is pushed back on the tax revenue by William I especially like personal spending and personal property. The Dutch government was also at that time approximately 130% of the Dutch GDP in the period 1813-1815 (tiercering of the Dutch state debt) and walked on through all the plans of the ‘King-Merchant’ William I to approximately 240% of the Dutch GDP in 1840, which for the Netherlands at that time a general bankruptcy threatened.

In 1822 it became the Soci??t?? G??n??rale later Fortis, founded by William I as a bank. William I, founded In 1824 by Royal Decree the Nederlandsche Handelsmaatschappij on, that best known and notorious of affairs in Suriname and Dutch Indies (later Indonesia) and was involved in the culture system. On the initiative of King William I was the private Bank founded in 1829 West India for Suriname. Until then was having no loans or credits general use at the average Dutchman and actually not done!

By these systems of banks and lending is in 1900 the entrusted capital at the three largest Dutch banks at the time, 45 million guilders and in 1910 it is entrusted capital at the three largest banks increased to 85 million guilders. Between 1894 and 1910 are also 108 new banks founded as public limited company and in 1911, there are 66 banks, which exist. In 1907 the rijkspostspaarbank (founded in 1880 by the law rijkspostspaarbank) Netherlands’s largest bank with savings books 1.260.000 and a value of the debts of 140 million guilders, which also still 260 other savings banks holding 400,000 savings accounts and a value of the outstanding debts of 90 million guilders.

At present there are approximately 92,000 millionaires in Netherlands with a combined capacity of ??? 285 billion. The value of all Dutch possessions, so nature, roads, buildings, etc. etc. is approximately ??? 8000 billion on the Dutch balance. The balance sheet total of the Rabobank is approximately ??? 665 billion (2011) and on the other hand, approximately ??? 42.5 billion as equity by the Rabobank. The ING Group had a balance sheet total of around ??? 1332 billion worldwide on the balance in 2011. In the Netherlands, ING Group, ABN AMRO Bank, Rabobank and SNS Reaal now if only system banks more than 30 billion euros on the balance sheet. ING has about 1332 billion euro, Rabobank 665 billion euros, ABN AMRO Bank 430 billion euro and SNS 132.1 billion in debt outstanding. Who looks at and analyzes these developments directly, well, realizes that it is very important to know who exactly are these banks and the shareholders in this financial crisis and actually this applies to the whole of Europe! Therefore, I will keep this Friday a plea for the nationalized banks and nationalize or keeping system the central bank De Nederlandsche Bank. My believe that the 100 largest system banks of the total about 600 banks in the ??? Uro-zone remain largely State-owned or State-owned and which must come to a plan to stabilize the economy or to grow large with stability and to prevent serious recessions and crises! In the Court of appeal in the Hague will therefore be the next Youtube films shown as argumentation for my offences, the political protest action and symbolic resistance action: ‘Why you are a slave. Rothschild’s own you! End the FED ‘and’ Banking. The greatest scam on earth ‘!!!

Because how can it, that banks actually cause any crisis itself continuously if first and if one than a possession as a farm with farmlands, it must return to the NMB Bank in 1983 (now ING Group), but if that same bank, the ING Group in 2008 itself into trouble by a same liquidity shortage, that the entire Dutch population is obliged to settle with several thousand euros per person? This is particularly important to know, that this is also now applies for the SNS Bank and the ABN AMRO Bank and it’s fine to these banks to take over finally and forever, but then does one this is not for an Apple and then back to the stock market, an egg so that the fiasco shoot can begin and so I have a tea-light holder against the golden carriage as a political protest and her tresses been symbolic resistance action! I also think that Beatrix von Amsberg it has done reasonably well in General, but that is why I am still an opponent of the-sort of-(dictatorial in origin) ‘golden cage’-‘Royal House’ and in favor of a democratically elected Kingship, in addition to a democratically elected (Minister)-President, as well as directly elected Senate-members and county heads (governors, stadhouders, Commissioner of the King-in), and I’m not against ceremonial days as Princes days, Queensdays or illegitimate and adopted children.

Je Mantiendrai Chalon, Je Mantiendrai Nassau,
Je maintiendrai l???honneur, la foy, la loi de Dieu, du Roy, de mes amis et moy!
Libert??, Egalit??, Fraternity!!!


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